Tip: when to take arginine?

Tip: when to take arginine?

When to take arginine

Arginine is a proteinogenic amino acidwhich, according to a study by the University of Exeter, can increase your physical performance by up to 20 percent In addition, arginine can promote the release of the body's own growth hormones, which promotes the rapid and sustainable development of muscle mass. In addition, further studies have shown that targeted supplementation with arginine can contribute to the breakdown of unwanted body fat. Furthermore, arginine regulates the blood flow, which can even have a positive effect on male potency. Therefore, not only ambitious athletes should consider supplementing arginine capsules or arginine powder.

How much and when should you take arginine?

Commonly, this results in a daily intake of three to six grams pure arginine devices. When it comes to the question of when it is best to take arginine, the ideal time is early in the morning, although you can divide your daily ration between the morning immediately after getting up and the late evening shortly before going to bed at the latest if you have a greatly increased need. The only important thing is that your stomach is as empty as possible at the time of ingestion, which is why the previous meal should be at least two to three hours ago. You should also take arginine a good 60 to 90 minutes before training in order to benefit from possible positive effects such as a noticeable boost in performance and a visibly better pumping effect.

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