Glutamine - essential for metabolism and muscle building

Glutamine - essential for metabolism and muscle building

Glutamine is one of the most common amino acids in the human body. These amino acids are essential for effective muscle building. A large proportion, namely around 60 percent, of the amino acids in the body is made up of glutamine - which underlines its importance for the functions in the body. Strength athletes in particular need an optimal supply in the form of glutamine for muscle building and to avoid muscle breakdown due to a lack of amino acids. This can e.g. through dietary supplements like Scitec Nutrition Glutamin guaranteed. Especially after intensive training sessions, the body needs an increased dose of glutamine, as provided by a nutrient-rich glutamine supplement. Glutamine cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities from an average diet for an athlete exercising intensively.

And not just the muscles - the immune system also needs sufficient amounts of glutamine. Overall, a good supply of glutamine can strengthen the immune system, support muscle growth and thus optimally shape muscle volume. After a particularly intensive training session, the body tends to break down proteins and amino acids in order to generate energy for combustion. The supply of glutamine offers an optimal energy supply for effective muscle growth.

Glutamine from dietary supplements is not only an effective source of energy for athletes who train intensely. Glutamine is also very important as a nitrogen transport system. The glutamine is able to bind amide nitrogen more easily and thus bring about an effective transport to the muscle. There the glutamine can dissolve again and be made available for building up. Furthermore this is Glutamine also involved in supporting the cell metabolism and thus promoting the breakdown of ammonia to urea. A good metabolism, on the other hand, is essential for a strength athlete so that the nutrient supply functions smoothly and without gaps.

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