The amino acids BCAA for building muscle

The amino acids BCAA for building muscle

BCAA’s are important amino acids for building and maintaining muscles.

Behind the abbreviation BCAA steckt der Begriff „Branched Chain Amino Acids“ und bezeichnet damit drei Aminosäuren mit Namen Leucin, Isoleucin und Valin, die für den Muskelaufbau unentbehrlich sind. Sie sind sogar unbedingt erforderlich, damit die Muskulatur überhaupt aufgebaut werden kann und betragen einen ungefähren Anteil von 35 % der in deinem Körper befindlichen Muskeln. Sind diese Aminosäuren nicht in ausreichender Anzahl vorhanden, führt dies sogar zum Muskelabbau. Weil dieser Stoff für den Körper enorm wichtig ist, wird er nach der Einnahme sofort und ohne Umwege in die Muskulatur eingeschleust.

In addition to its function as a source of energy for endurance exercise, BCAA is urgently needed, especially in the area of ​​muscle building. Their mechanism of action is explained as follows:

The amino acids BCAA increase the release of insulin in the body, this hormone is even more responsible than testosterone for the muscle building effect. As you probably know, carbohydrates have an insulinogenic effect, which can be increased by the intake of BCAAs. This enables other substances, such as creatine, to get better into the muscle cells. The BCAA's are branched-chain amino acids and as such are indispensable for building muscle and training. They protect against muscle breakdown during training or during exercise, so training without taking is not recommended. It is possible to take the BCAAs before and after training at the recommended dosage.

The BCAAs should also be taken on training-free days so as not to promote any muscle breakdown through inactivity. For the optimal effect of the BCAA intake, however, enough other essential amino acids should also be supplied and the training should be carried out as evenly as possible. Otherwise the body can break down the muscle mass it has built up again through its self-regulation.

Some people also take the BCAA as part of a diet or a reduced-calorie diet as a food supplement in order to prevent muscle breakdown by reducing the calorie intake. Bodybuilders also agree on this property, especially because the amino acids, in addition to the muscle building effect, are said to increase performance. Nor is it enough to get them with the daily diet, which may contain small amounts of these amino acids. Athletes and strength athletes need these amino acids in addition and in larger quantities because they want to increase the body's willingness to exercise and increase muscle growth. For the stress of weight training, it is absolutely necessary to take the BCAAs in addition to powder or capsules.

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