Drinking water and fitness - you should know that!

Drinking water and fitness - you should know that!

For years, experts have been arguing about the enormous importance of water in fitness sports. For decades there have been very contradicting statements on the subject of 'water' regarding the importance of water for fitness sport. In the last few years alone there have always been new reports about the interaction between drinking water and sport. Because a real fitness trend has been triggered in Germany. Not only bodybuilders and competitive athletes are looking for their way to the gym these days, but also common consumers who are trying to diet or improve physical performance through fitness training. However, every fitness training also includes a sufficient amount of water.

The question arises as to whether ordinary tap water is sufficient or whether it has to be water from the supermarket with additional minerals in order to equip yourself with healthy water. The perfect amount of water per day has also been debated for a long time. While many doctors and experts report a daily water intake of at least two liters a day, there are also very different opinions here. Good hydration of the body cells is of crucial importance when it comes to keeping the body efficient and vital through fitness and exercise. Because water plays with the daily nutrition a major role. Opinions are divided on the subject of 'drinking water and fitness'. So we have summarized everything you need to know about water and fitness sports below. In this way it is possible to optimize the fitness training.

Drinking water from the tap is healthy!

Hardly any other country in the world can boast such high tap water quality as Germany. The German drinking water from the tap is healthy and is subject to very strict controls for the highest quality standards. So as long as there is no contamination in the tap water of a household, the tap water can be used without a guilty conscience. Nevertheless, it can happen that impurities and pollutants infiltrate the drinking water through old pipelines. If you want to switch all your fluid requirements to tap water, you should therefore opt for a water filterto enjoy drinking water of perfect quality and free of impurities and pollutants. It is worth taking a look on the Internet to clean the tap water in your own four walls with table or under-table water filters and thus ensure a healthy daily water supply. A water filter is integrated into your own household within a very short time and allows you to fall back on absolutely pure drinking water.

Drink enough water while exercising

Anyone who follows a regular exercise program should make sure that they drink enough water every day. There is no general guideline for the perfect amount of the body. If you listen carefully to your body, the body itself reveals the perfect daily amount to drink. Straight After exercising, you shouldn't go without a sufficient amount of water. Because of the work and sweat involved in the work-out, the body thirsts for fresh water to hydrate the body's cells. As a rough guide, doctors and experts have agreed on a daily water intake of one liter of water per 25 kilograms of body weight. This value applies above all to people involved in fitness sports.

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