Lose Weight: Lose fat without losing muscle mass

Lose Weight: Lose fat without losing muscle mass

Reduce fat and build muscle massHow can you lose weight quickly and build muscle at the same time? Is it possible to lose fat without losing muscle mass? How to lose fat properly without losing muscle? We'll show you how fat loss works without losing muscle by making the right adjustments to your diet!

Most people go to the gym to gain muscle mass and lose excess body fat. In fact, intense muscle training is also the best way to achieve both of these goals, especially since muscles are extremely energy consuming and therefore use up a lot of calories. In order to be able to train as intensely as possible and thereby gain substantial muscle mass, you would have to eat richly, which seems to be counterproductive in terms of fat loss. Reducing calories too much could, in turn, lead to stagnation in muscle growth or the unpleasant loss of hard-earned muscle mass. In the worst case, there is even a risk of potentially threatening deficiency symptoms, which must be avoided at all costs.

Walking the tightrope between too many and too few calories

A rule of thumb states that men need an average of almost 2,500 calories a day, whereas the daily requirement of an “average” woman is already completely covered from around 1,800 calories. However, the said formula has long been out of date for several reasons, which does not mean that the figures mentioned are completely unsuitable as guide values. In any case, the first reason is that people are simply individuals who can differ more from one another in terms of their physique, their metabolic rate, their energy consumption and the resulting nutritional requirements and the like. Another reason is that not all calories are created equal. What is meant by this is that ultimately all foods have calories. However, some of these calories are important for building muscle, while others tend to lead to an unwanted increase in body fat. In addition, high-protein foods with a low fat content have significantly fewer calories than fatty foods with a high carbohydrate content. It is worth mentioning that the combination of carbohydrates and fat is the purest poison for the slim figure. It should also be noted that there are serious quality differences between the individual types of carbohydrates and the various types of fat. Indeed you can certain fatty acids Even help you break down body fat and also provide you with the energy you need for high-intensity training.

What does the optimal diet look like?

Logically, you need to eat fewer calories than you need to lose weight. Accordingly, you should eat as high in protein as possible and, if necessary, your diet Proteinshakes supplement, as proteins are significantly lower in calories than carbohydrates and fats. In addition, they not only promote muscle building but also muscle maintenance, which should be a very important point in a diet. Incidentally, building muscle can in turn lead to increased calorie consumption. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, it is impossible to tell you exactly how many proteins you need per meal or per day. While for some people 0.8 g protein per kilogram of body weight is completely sufficient, it could just as well be that you need up to 2.5 g protein or more so that you do not lose any muscle mass. One reason for such a high protein requirement could, for example, be that you have been training for a long time or are simply unusually muscular by nature. We recommend an average value of 1.5 g protein per kilogram of body weight for people who are active in sports, which should be increased depending on the training intensity and existing muscle mass. In addition, it is of course important to avoid low-quality carbohydrates and fats as much as possible. In addition, if possible, you should make sure that you never consume carbohydrates and fats together.

Are there any dietary supplements that help build muscle and protect against muscle breakdown?

The right nutrition for a muscular bodyIn fact, there is a whole range of dietary supplements that have been proven to promote muscle building and at the same time counteract deficiency-related muscle loss. First and foremost are the common ones Protein supplements, such as protein shakes or Protein bar, to call. Besides Amino acid preparations are ideal, especially since amino acids are known to be the building blocks that make up whole proteins. There are also so-called synergy substances, such as various enzymes that promise an increase in the effectiveness of proteins and amino acids. In addition, offer themselves Vitamin- and Mineralstoffpräparate to counteract diet-related deficiency symptoms. As the name correctly implies, dietary supplements cannot replace a balanced diet, they can only supplement it. It must be admitted that the said supplements are almost fat-free and hardly contain any carbohydrates.

What about caffeine?

There are numerous studies that at least suggest that caffeine has a positive effect on fat loss. Whether it actually promotes fat burning directly or simply as a kind of training booster provides an enormous energy boost for training and thus promotes a breakdown of body fat, however, has not yet been adequately clarified. Some scientists also assume that drinks containing caffeine merely inhibit appetite. That being said, some people seem to be downright "caffeine-resistant", whereas others get palpitations, high blood pressure, chest pain or other symptoms even with small amounts of caffeine. In addition, contrary to the latest studies, caffeine is still under suspicion of having a dehydrating effect, which, however, decreases the body's use of caffeine when it gets used to it. Here you should start with smaller doses and increase the dose depending on your own feelings about the reactions of your body.

Can losing weight actually be dangerous?

In principle, it is advisable to reduce excess body fat not only for purely aesthetic reasons, but above all for health reasons. However, it should not be concealed that losing weight can be associated with certain dangers. In addition to drastic muscle wasting, there is also a risk of dangerous deficiency symptoms in the case of an overly one-sided diet or diet that is severely reduced in nutrients. Above all, dehydration should be mentioned, which, depending on the extent, can even be life-threatening. Regardless of this, wrong eating habits or diets lead all too quickly to the infamous yo-yo effect. In addition, body fat does not simply disappear, but has to be broken down, processed and then excreted by the body. As a result, too rapid fat breakdown could overwhelm the organism, especially since environmental toxins stored in it could also be released with the fat. It is therefore advisable to lose weight a little more slowly, but sustainably and, above all, healthy. This is how it works with effective fat loss without the unnecessary loss of hard-earned muscle mass.


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