What are the causes of muscle pain in the thigh?

What are the causes of muscle pain in the thigh?

If there is muscle pain in the thigh, it is believed that the person concerned has sore muscles. In fact, this can not only be the case after exercise, but such pain can also occur at rest, for example while sitting down. Some pain disappears after a few days, in this case sore muscles, but some pain can persist for a long time or even chronically - i.e. recurring. Even stress can manifest itself as thigh pain because every body reacts differently.

In order to find something that will help against the pain, we first have to narrow down what pain it is. With sore muscles, rest and warmth often help, but also targeted movement of the affected areas. If there is a vitamin deficiency that causes the muscles in the thighs to cramp, vitamin supplements and a change in diet can help. A vitamin deficiency is usually a magnesium deficiency. Real St. John's wort can help with stress, as it has a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Thigh pain after exercise

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Thigh pain after exercise indicates muscle soreness. This usually happens when we overexert ourselves, have done one or more new exercises for too long and drank too little. Your action strategy should look more like this before exercising:

1. drink a lot
2. warm up properly beforehand (at least 10 minutes)
3. no overexertion (even half an hour of exercise is sufficient exercise)
4. Some studies show that Vitaminpräparate before exercising help at this point Magnesium und Calcium

Thigh pain from climbing stairs

Thigh pain after climbing stairs does not necessarily have to come from the thighs alone, the knees can also have been affected and the pain now radiates. Above all, you should seek advice from a doctor in order to fully explain the cause and rule out worse, for example misalignment of the joints or wear and tear of those (osteoarthritis). In this case, thigh pain may already be a symptom that must be responded to.
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