Questions about Scitec Nutrition Jumbo

Questions about Scitec Nutrition Jumbo

At the start of the mass building season, we give you some information on the use of weight gainers to build muscle, especially on the Scitec Nutrition “Jumbo” supplement.

Question: Hello! I've been in the gym for almost a year and still do push-ups and pull-ups at home. Now I want to build muscle mass over the winter. Should I do a creatine regimen now? Or what do you recommend to me to build up a lot of muscles "relatively" or as quickly as possible? Which products from your range? Would prefer Scitec because I already take the 100% whey protein.

Answer: Hey Creatine is a good approach, despite all of that, I recommend you Scitec Nutrition Jumbo (already contains creatine). Jumbo provides you with 50 g protein per serving, a large dose of both fast and slow-digesting carbohydrates, for the best possible form of nutrient supply right after training. Scitec Jumbo has been developed with rapidly digestible whey protein to make it suitable for use before, during and after exercise, as best based on the latest knowledge for maximum development. You should drink 2 servings of the jumbo per day. One right after getting up and one right after training. The Scitec Nutrition 100 % Whey Protein offers you the best possible whey protein with an incomparable taste! You should also have 2 servings of this per day. One about 90 minutes before training and one right before bed. So you have optimally supplied your body and muscles with protein! You should also consume a total of 3g protein, 4-5g carbohydrates and 1 gram fat per kilogram of body weight per day (nutrition + supplements). Regards! Your muscle farm team!

Question: Guten Tag, ich bin Hardgainer und wiege ca. 75 Kilo und komme einfach nicht mit meinem Gewicht hoch. Ernähre mich gut, auch Protein- und Kalorienreich. Morgens trinke ich zum Frühstück Scitec 100% Whey Protein, zwischen dem Mittagessen und dem Training trinke ich 1/2 Portion Scitec Jumbo beim Training nehme ich die restlichen halbe Portion zu mir. Vor dem Training nehme ich zusätzlich Scitec G-Bomb ein. Nach dem Training nehme ich wieder dass 100% Whey. Mach ich irgendetwas falsch oder wieso geht mein Gewicht nicht nach oben? Sven

Answer: Hi Sven! I think that primarily because you eat far too little food! You should also use the Scitec Jumbo Do not divide servings and under no circumstances drink them during training, because then you have the blood that should be in the muscles in the stomach for digestion. Take a full serving of jumbo immediately after getting up and another serving after your workout. If you fail to turn up your diet or consume more healthy calories, you will have a hard time gaining weight. If you don't feel hungry, take Scitec Nutrition Volumass 35 and drink 3 servings a day. The first two as with the jumbo and the third serving between meals. And the 100 % Whey Protein take during the day and before bed. So it is very important to eat a lot! And not the bad stuff like fast food and candy! Greeting! Quay

Question: Hello! I have now got the Scitec Jumbo in Chocolate Flavor. Unfortunately, I don't find the solubility of the powder so intoxicating or is it the intention that after drinking one chews on some pieces without taste !? Maybe my product is also wrong or something like that. I had 100% whey protein from Scitec Nutrition before and that was not the case (by the way, very great taste!). MfG Torben

Answer: Hello Torben, Scitec Nutrition Jumbo is a so-called Weith Gainer and that Scitec 100 % Whey Protein is a pure protein supplement. Different ingredients, therefore different powder. Jumbo is a supplement containing carbohydrates from Vitargo and ground oat flakes. Oat flakes just don't dissolve! This can only be remedied by increasing the amount of fluid. This was done because you don't want to build up fat through a weight gainer, but mainly want to supply nutrients for solid muscle mass. So you “chew” on ground oat flakes. Most of it you will just drink with. But it is also beneficial if you chew on the oat ingredients. The saliva prepares the oats better for digestion and can be better absorbed by the body. Otherwise, just advise you to use more liquid when mixing, then you don't have the "problem" either. Many greetings, your muscle farm team!

Question: There are now several versions of the Scitecc Jumbo. Which are there and what is the difference?

Answer: The "Jumbo" from Scitec Nutrition is currently available in three versions:

  • Jumbo Classic (grün)(green) Jumbo Classic in der grünen Dose ist ein effektiver Weight-Gainer für den Aufbau massiver Muskelmasse. Die Rezeptur enthält Molkenprotein einer großen Dosis Kohlenhydrate, Kreatin und Aminosäuren sowie Co-Substraten. Pro Portion sind 50 g Protein und 85 g Kohlenhydrate enthalten. Click here for the product ...
  • Jumbo Professional (orange)(orange) Jumbo Professional in der orangenen Dose ist ein professioneller Mass-Gainer für den Muskelaufbau mit erweiterter Rezeptur. Neben Proteinen und Kohlenhydrate sind eine 6-fach Creatin-Matrix sowie vielen weitere Inhaltsstoffe für einen stark erhöhte Nährstoffbedarf enthalten. Click here for the product ...
  • Jumbo Hardcore(orange / black) Jumbo Hardcore in the orange can with black label is an all-in-one muscle gainer with multi-component protein, multi-level carbohydrates and 8 effective nutrient matrices It combines all the nutrients an athlete needs for optimal muscle mass building in one supplement. Click here for the product ...

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