Success in building muscle through variety in training

Success in building muscle through variety in training

Don't worry if muscle building doesn't happen spontaneously as you wish. Effective training and the right diet almost automatically lead to good muscle building.


Variety through changing exercises and training methods creates new stimuli for muscle building.

Many athletes fear that if they build muscle that does not work as desired, they may already be at their genetic limit. Despite months or even years of pumping, they are unsuccessful from their own perspective and then they think in frustration that it is probably their own fate to go very narrowly through life. This is a demotivating as well as a wrong thought, because everyone can build muscles. As a rule, it is precisely with these athletes that they should take another closer look at their own diet, because experience has shown that this is where the problems lie.

Experience has shown that anyone who has been training unsuccessfully for months or even years simply does not have enough knowledge of the topic and how to properly build muscle. Most of them don't know enough about exercise and nutrition to know what to do. The genetic limit is then by no means reached and you will not be more successful if you talk yourself into it. In addition, too few useful nutrients are often taken in for the formation of new muscles. So it makes perfect sense to like about nutritional supplements Protein-carbohydrate combinations ponder. Many athletes train very intensively for a very long time and leave the diet out - and that is a typical mistake for beginners. Obtaining a lot of information and especially fine-tuning your diet is then the solution.

Variety in training is important

The body is designed to adapt to the loads to which it is exposed - regardless of the intensity. Training sets new stimuli and the body adapts to them with muscle growth - it works that simple.

One problem with the whole thing, however, is that the body does not adjust to the stimuli infinitely. That means that at some point there will be stagnation. This is not necessarily because the training is too boring or even undemanding for the body. However, the body feels that the training is no longer demanding enough to continue to adapt. There are simply no more stimuli and loads that stimulate him to adapt in the form of muscle growth, because the previous stimuli remain.

That doesn't mean that the athlete has reached his genetic limit. Instead, he should now provide variety in training by exchanging exercises or correcting the number of repetitions up or down. The number of sentences can also be changed - or even the entire training system. Who e.g. one eigenes Power Rack at home can vary wonderfully in the exercises and the execution of the exercises. Due to the multi-functionality of the racks, it is always possible to set new muscle stimuli and to stimulate the muscle building to a new one. It is simply important that the body is "surprised" again and is thus forced to adapt.

How often do you have to provide variety? There is no rule for this, because every body reacts here individually. Some members of fitness clubs train the same way for years and can create new stimuli for the body simply by increasing weight. Other athletes have to create new stimuli every three months so that muscle building can continue. The trainee has to feel this for himself. The article “Is muscle mass really a question of training intensity?” By TRAININGSWORLD.

So try out new exercises and training methods from time to time to set new stimuli for your muscle building!

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