Muscle growth: how important are carbohydrates for building muscle?

Muscle growth: how important are carbohydrates for building muscle?

Carbohydrates from cereals, legumes, pastaIn order to be able to build muscles and keep them permanently, you have to train in a targeted manner, ensure sufficient relaxation and eat a rich and balanced diet. First of all, this means that you have to eat as rich in protein as possible, since proteins and the amino acids they are made of are known to be the building materials your body uses to build muscle mass. Hence, having a diet supplement Proteinpulvern Highly recommended for building muscle. In addition, it is advisable to supply the body with a variety of other nutrients, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals and, above all, carbohydrates, as they are also of fundamental importance with regard to muscle building.

The importance of carbohydrates for building muscle

Carbohydrates provide you with the energy you need for high-intensity training. In addition, in conjunction with other nutrients, carbohydrates act as a kind of messenger substance that promotes muscle building on several levels. It is therefore important that you eat a diet that is very rich in carbohydrates, especially since you have a greatly increased energy requirement due to training. In addition, the training not only increases your energy requirements, but also the general consumption of nutrients, which is why there is a risk of potentially dangerous deficiency symptoms, unless you compensate for the increased consumption by increasing the nutrient intake. However, it is not only the quantity that matters, but also the quality of the nutrients. Fast energy for training provides e.g. this supplement. In the case of carbohydrates, this means that you should avoid simple carbohydrates in the form of white flour or sugar as much as possible. Instead, you should prefer complex carbohydrates, which can be found in vegetables, whole grains, and fresh and dried fruits, among other things. A nice side effect of most foods that are high in complex carbohydrates is that they usually contain countless other nutrients that are extremely healthy and also promote muscle building and muscle maintenance. Legumes such as kidney beans, lentils of all kinds and chickpeas deserve special mention, as they contain an extremely high number of proteins with an extremely wide range of essential amino acids.

Effective for more energy, more muscle mass and less body fat

Many people fear that high-carbohydrate diets will make them fat. In fact, the exact opposite can be the case, provided that you mainly take your carbohydrate requirements with you complex carbohydrates and you never consume the carbohydrates in connection with fat. In addition, many vegetables, such as cauliflower, and most other sources of carbohydrates are extremely filling, so they are even suitable for low-calorie diets with deliberately restricted food intake. This is especially true for the protein-rich legumes, as proteins are known to be very low in calories, but still keep you full for a long time. Regardless of this, the aforementioned carbohydrate suppliers allow a very varied menu due to the seemingly limitless variety of recipes that they offer, so that you do not have to forego delicious food when building muscle or reducing unwanted body fat.


Complex carbohydrates are great sources of energy. In addition, they fulfill countless other important functions in the body, which is why they are of inestimable value both for building and maintaining muscle, as well as for losing excess pounds. Therefore, despite the abundance of carbohydrate-rich foods, you should change your diet when in doubt Carbohydrates in the form of appropriate food supplements enrich, as otherwise a deficiency threatens under certain circumstances, which would nip further training success in the bud and in the worst case even lead to the loss of hard-earned muscle mass.

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