Muscle building in midsummer - what you should know about it!

Muscle building in midsummer - what you should know about it!

Summer is in full swing, temperatures are rising and the sun is beating down from above. Now you can enjoy the hot season in all its glory. But how do you get your muscles into the same splendid top shape as the thermometer? We have the most important information and the best tips for effective muscle building and healthy training in midsummer!

Muscle building in summer

Preserve the hard-trained muscles in summer

Heat-free: Do your muscles get too short in summer?

The seasons not only affect our environment, but also our own body: While in winter you create reserves almost entirely by yourself due to the cold and gain weight more quickly, in summer you automatically burn calories due to the heat. Sweating and the higher body temperature not only deprive the body of fluid in the long run, but also reserves that the muscles keep tight. The metabolism simply has to work harder in the heat, which is why we often don't have a particularly big appetite and prefer to eat something “light” that is not heavy on the stomach. In summary, one can say that the body gives itself "heat-free" in its own way, since it burns more calories and at the same time consumes fewer calories. The natural reaction: the muscles slowly but surely break down as the body takes the energy from them first.

Training in midsummer: you should pay attention to that!

If you want to keep your shape, stay fit and continue your training uninterrupted even over the hottest months, you should definitely follow a few basic rules. In summer, the cardinal rule “drink plenty of water” is not the only thing that applies. You have to drink more than a lot of water, especially when you sweat more because of training. This rule can be wonderfully combined with another one: an increased intake of Minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium should be ensured, as the body loses many of them through sweating. A high-quality, still water, the supplement with additional minerals, thus provides a remedy for two problems of summer training. The division is also important in midsummer training: blazing midday sun and overly compressed training intervals should be avoided, as this only unnecessarily stresses the metabolism. Exercise sessions early in the morning or later in the evening are more beneficial.

Diet in the summer heat:

Since you sometimes like to grill in the heat and eat good meat in the process, you still have less appetite for hearty food in summer. The feeling of hunger decreases, especially on hearty food that your body needs to maintain muscle mass, you are less hungry. When building muscle, however, you have to go along with it Proteins work. That is why it is a good idea to use dietary supplements, especially in midsummer. On there is an outstanding selection of Sarms (selective androgen receptor modulators) that support targeted muscle building. You should take a closer look at this range for your summer training.

"Intensification instead of perseverance" is the motto!

At the Training in midsummer the main thing is to avoid excessive and exhausting training sessions. It is better to train briefly and all the more intensely than to put unnecessary strain on the cardiovascular system in the heat and thereby ultimately lose mass. For example, you should use more weight for hard exercises in order to build your muscles as hard as steel: To do this, you eliminate a few of your usual repetitions and sets. Instead of doing three times ten repetitions, you should simply do two times five lifts with a heavy weight. Equipment-free exercises without weights such as sit-ups or crunches can be performed with the same intensity, but should be postponed until the cooler evening.

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