This is how it works with the resolutions for 2019

This is how it works with the resolutions for 2019

This is how it works with the resolutions for 2019

Like athletes you Be able to design training successfully, we have already explained in some articles. But in many cases it doesn't fail because of a lack of specialist knowledge, but because of a lack of motivation. In order for the training success to work out in the long term, the athletes must above all change their attitude. A good reason for this are those New Years resolutions. Many people plan to do something on New Year's Eve, but rarely do these resolutions last longer than a few days. In this article, we show you which tricks you can use to stick to your resolutions.

Start your resolutions in good time
Many people traditionally choose January 1st to start their resolutions for the coming year. That might seem obvious, but it definitely doesn't make sense. Because after a strenuous New Year's Eve party, it will be difficult to start with a healthy diet and a visit to the gym on the first day of the year. We therefore recommend that you start with the resolutions as early as December. Christmas will usually ensure that the resolutions are paused again. But this is only a time out and on time after the holidays, the resolutions can be pursued further. So it is easy to tackle the resolutions again by January 2nd at the latest.

Develop a plan for your project
Many people do not make good resolutions until December 31st. Often this happens together with friends or family and everyone present feels obliged to confirm that they too have good resolutions. Of course, that doesn't help, because you take your resolutions for yourself and not for others. If you want to change something in the coming year, you should decide on your goals in good time and develop a plan for implementation. Significant changes such as reducing weight, regularly visiting the gym or giving up bad habits can only be implemented immediately in very few cases.

In addition, there are many situations in which the goals cannot be achieved on your own. When it comes to fitness, in particular, many people come to a point at which they need the help of professionals. In such a case, the provider bids Fortius Fitness the possibility to book training lessons with one of their coaches. The concept, which originated in Denmark, gives athletes the opportunity to develop a training plan together with their personal coach within a short period of time, which helps to implement good resolutions.

Fortius Fitness currently only offers coaching lessons in Germany in the studio in Hamburg Blankenese, but that will probably change in the future. In Denmark they are already so far that with seven different studios they cover almost all of the country's big cities. Because of this experience already gained abroad and the success associated with it, Fortius Fitness is even ready to offer an extensive money-back guarantee. Anyone who is unsuccessful with the program will get their money back.

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