The Biggest Mistakes After Exercising - These 7 Mistakes To Avoid After Your Workout!

The Biggest Mistakes After Exercising - These 7 Mistakes To Avoid After Your Workout!

The Biggest Mistakes After Exercising - These 7 Mistakes To Avoid After Your Workout!

Self-discipline and a large dose of ambition are crucial in fitness training. But if after a few months of hard training and workout there is still no noticeable improvement in physical condition, it may be due to a few mistakes after fitness sport. Anyone who has discovered a passion for themselves in fitness training invests a lot of time in the training plan and the weekly workout. Many amateur athletes forget that the time after training is extremely important for building muscle, losing weight or improving physical performance. The rest period after training is just as important as the training itself. There are a few important things to watch out for after training in order to maximize the success of the training. In order not to make a mistake after training, we have put together the seven biggest mistakes after the workout below. In this way you will never forget the most important after-workout rules!

Mistake # 1: Too Much Stress After Exercising!

Post-exercise stress has a negative impact on post-exercise awareness and mood. Stressful situations after training do not let the adrenaline level level off, which weakens the training success. For example, if you have lost your front door key, you shouldn't panic right away, but keep calm. A locksmith can be done without stress on site find who makes sure not to lose your nerve. So after a sweaty training session, it is essential to take care of all belongings. It is not uncommon for concentration to wane when you have really exhausted yourself. Here it is not uncommon for Loss of the house key, smartphone or wallet.

Mistake # 2: Drinking too little after exercising

The human body needs a water intake of at least two liters per day. This value even increases during fitness training. So you should have at least 600 ml of water per hour of training after training drink to avoid dehydration. Those who train hard also sweat a lot and lose a lot of water and salts accordingly. Isotonic drinks without sugar are just the thing to rebalance the body's water and nutrient balance.

Mistake # 3: Cool-down prevents injuries

Very few fitness athletes do an extensive cool-down in order to calm muscles and calm the pulse during stretching and stretching exercises. Cooling down after training is annoying, but it prevents muscle injuries.

Mistake # 4: Avoiding candy and fast food after your workout

Once again you burned a lot of calories while exercising and suddenly you get a cravings for something sweet or fast food. In any case, you should stay away from sweets and fast food in order not to endanger the training success.

Mistake # 5: Don't eat anything after your workout

After exercise, the body's glycogen stores are depleted, so a meal immediately after exercise is important to re-energize the body. Anyone who aims to lose weight with exercise should at least have a bite to eat.

Mistake # 6: skipping the shower after a workout

The shower after a workout is not only good for you, it also flushes sweat and bacteria from your skin. If you do not take a shower after training, you will get sick more quickly because the immune system is weakened after the workout.

Mistake # 7: not going to the gym every day!

The body needs sufficient regeneration to improve training success. So you should go to the gym no more than every two days and not go to fitness sports more than three times a week.

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