Promote active regeneration, ideally warm up: Blackrolls - the new trend

Promote active regeneration, ideally warm up: Blackrolls - the new trend

BlackrollBlackrolls are rolls or balls with a diameter of approx. 12 cm. With them you can get your circulation going in the morning or loosen tense connective tissue through self-massages. They enrich the build-up and regeneration phases of muscle building training because their use not only increases performance, but is also fun.

Building muscle is not just about strength training!

First and foremost, strength training is associated with building muscle. Dumbbell, leg press, and bench press come to mind when we hear this word. But building muscle is more than just exercising with heavy equipment. Just as important is the warm-up phase before the actual training begins. After a visit to the gym, rest and replenishing the nutrient stores are the order of the day. Because without a regeneration phase and the right nutrients, muscles won't grow. The main nutrients needed for muscle growth include proteins, a detailed article with an overview of good proteins for building muscle can be found under the link above. Active regeneration (as opposed to passive) can even contribute to an increase in performance in athletes whose training intensity is four to six times a week. It also helps to avoid overcompensation. Warn yourself against this, because muscle growth can only take place if you complete the perfect training program. To be able to do this, it is essential to know your own body and its limits.

No training success without strong muscular blood flow

Compared to passive regeneration, active regeneration is simply more effective. The goal of regeneration is to stimulate the blood flow to the muscles in order to break down pollutants and to better supply the muscles with oxygen. This happens six times more effectively if you take active regeneration measures. As an active athlete, you get used to the routine, and sometimes forget how much you ask of your body every day. Often people focus too much on strength training and underestimate the importance of warming up and warming up. You can easily calculate the minimum amount of warm-up time your body needs using the formula age times 0.5 (e.g. 30 years times 0.5 results in 15 minutes of warm-up time). Warming up causes the body temperature to rise, which in turn accelerates the metabolic processes and the transmission of stimuli between muscles and the brain.

Possible uses of the new trend sports device Blackroll

Blackroll exerciseThere are several ways in which you can perform active regeneration, e.g. Self-massage, stretching, self-mobilization, sauna, gymnastics, exercise baths, etc. Blackrolls are also very popular at the moment. With these roles you can not only enrich the warm-up training, but also contribute to regeneration. Massage with this device, which won the physiotherapy award in 2009, loosens tight connective tissue and loosens adhesions in it. The handling is child's play and the area of ​​application is unlimited. The rollers are used for sports and fitness purposes as well as in the health sector for therapies and massages.

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