Food intake before and after exercise - a few tips

Food intake before and after exercise - a few tips

Eat before exerciseYou and most of our readers will already know that nutrition plays a key role in building muscle. However, those who are exercising are confused by contradicting information on optimized food intake immediately before and after training. Here is a little guide for you:

Building muscle on an empty stomach: starving before training?

It may sound strange, but the claim that muscle building works best on an empty stomach is in principle quite true. On, a well-known site that actually everything to build muscle and the right diet, there is actually a corresponding article. There is talk of a study in which six test subjects each completed two work-outs with a three-week break. The surprising result: after a high-carbohydrate breakfast, the measured activators for muscle growth were noticeably lower.

Caution: low energy levels increase the risk of injury

So this means that at least in theory, building muscle works better on an empty stomach. However, you should find the right amount here. The workout Starting with a growling stomach and low energy levels increases the risk of injury. If you need a little time after getting up before you get hungry, you could use the morning hours for light strength and endurance training - provided you feel fit and rested. In professional bodybuilding there is also the rule of thumb that you should do the training a little in advance (about one to three hours before training) Carbohydrate storage should replenish via food. A no-go, however, is training on a full stomach.

Food intake after exercise

The post-workout meal is extremely important. Then our body is in build-up mode. Carbohydrates and proteins ensure that the strenuous training can bear fruit. The Glycogen stores wants to be replenished after the respective unit. So-called "fast" carbohydrates (this means a high glycemic index), like the 4-component carbohydrate mixture F2 Full Force Supercarb Fast, are then the right choice.

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