New training booster: Raw Intensity from All Stars

New training booster: Raw Intensity from All Stars

With the Raw Intensity, All Stars now also has a high-dose training booster in its range.

“Let out the Beast!” Is the slogan and Markus Rühl is the face. Nothing fits better to describe the purpose for which All Stars Raw Intensity was developed ... for the toughest workout of your life!

All Stars Raw Intensity is a pre workout supplement that was launched at the start of the year. RAW was developed with the All Stars team member and IFBB professional bodybuilder Markus Rühl.

The ingredients speak for themselves. As with other newer training boosters, care was taken in the composition of the ingredients to concentrate on the essentials and not use any unnecessary substances. So the final result of the highly concentrated All Stars Raw Intensity formula:

  • 2000 mg beta alanine
  • 300 mg Trimelhylaxanthin
  • 200 mg Schizandra
  • 100 mg Rhodiola

10 g of powder are used for hardcore workouts per serving of All Stars Raw Intensity. So one can is enough for 25 brutal workouts.

You can buy the All Stars Raw Intensity HERE in our shop!

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