The ideal accessory for athletes: the key finder

The ideal accessory for athletes: the key finder

Which athlete doesn't know that: the key that was in your pocket before training has suddenly disappeared. In order to avoid problems with misplaced or lost keys, various manufacturers have developed key finders, intelligent devices that, with the help of Bluetooth, GPS or radio, can quickly track lost keys within a radius of up to 50 meters.

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology

The compact ones Key finder are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology. Lost keys can be located with a remote control or with a smartphone. The key finder sends out a GPS signal that guides key owners directly to their key. Some key finders are even equipped with LED technology, which makes finding keys easier at night and in dark places. Key finders for the smartphone work via app, a remote control or transmitter are not necessary. Modern key finding devices can be used in many ways and are also used by pet owners to determine the current whereabouts of cats or dogs. For this purpose, the key finder is simply attached to the dog's collar. The place where the pet is can be easily checked at any time using the app. Key finder chips are available in different versions and work with different transmission technologies. GPS key finders are not cheap, but they can be used worldwide. Key finders without Bluetooth are a cheaper option, but in larger buildings the signal can sometimes weaken and make it difficult to find the key. Most cell phone key finders have a range of 50 meters and work with real-time location.

Versatile application possibilities

By calling the tracker, the searcher receives an SMS with the corresponding coordinates and can quickly access his key. High-quality key finders are equipped with numerous functions such as motion and speed alarm, geo-fence, automatic query function, SOS, voice control and battery alarm. When the key is found, the device makes itself known with the help of the bell function. With a Bluetooth-Tracker you can find your wallet or laptop in addition to keys. Key finders with crowd locate function find keys even outside of the usual Bluetooth range. If the key cannot be found despite an extensive search and the key owner is standing in front of a locked door, the local key service is like him Locksmith Schwerte The right person to speak to. This specialist company has many years of experience with all types of locks and opens doors, car doors and safes around the clock and mostly without damage. The key you are looking for can often be found again later. In some cases the bunch of keys was simply forgotten at home and the apartment door was closed.

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